What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

In the popular anime series One Piece, emotional and dramatic episodes always attract the attention of fans. One of the most dramatic events was the death of Portgas D. Ace, the sworn brother of the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. What ep does Ace die in One Piece? Before revealing the answer, let’s learn more about One Piece and related products at gokeyless.vn, which provides full information and products about this series.

What ep does Ace die in One Piece?
What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

I. Information about One Piece manga

In the context of a long anime series, counting more than 1000 episodes, One Piece recorded the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy – an innocent but determined boy who always aims to become the King of the Sea. Thieves. Luffy is convinced that this position on the throne will give him absolute freedom, allowing him to go anywhere in the world at his will. However, Luffy does not value power, he does not want to dominate or rule anyone, but only wants freedom. On this ambitious path, Luffy has met and gained valuable teammates and allies. But to achieve the goal, he and his friends had to pay a heavy price, especially in the case of Portgas D. Ace – Luffy’s sworn brother, who experienced a tragic death in a battle war. Join us to learn about when Ace died in One Piece and why.

What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

II. What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s sworn brother, died during the events of episodes 482 and 483 of One Piece’s Marineford Arc. He was brutally defeated by Admiral Akainu – a powerful character of the Navy. Ace, as the Captain of Team 2 of the Whitebeard Pirates, participated in the battle to destroy Marineford, the Marine base, and confronted Akainu in order to protect his self-respect, despite receiving it. warnings from teammates. However, Ace was quickly overwhelmed and Luffy, who was too badly injured to intervene, was protected by Ace in his final moments. Ace received a punch through the chest from Akainu, ravaging his internal organs with the wound and flames. In the end, Ace died so Luffy could survive and continue his journey. Ace’s fatal wound appeared in episode 482 and he died in episode 483.

What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

III. Portgas D. Ace’s Death Explained

Ace’s death is not only a heartbreaking ending but also a turning point in his character development. In his final moments, Ace questioned the purpose of his existence, but in the end, he died in the arms of the younger brother he swore to protect, asserting that he had an important place important in the story. Ace’s death made Luffy realize that he needed to be stronger to protect his friends, leading to a 2 year transition period, essentially the beginning of Season 2 of the series. The death of one main character to promote the growth of another protagonist (as in Naruto) is a common technique in anime, but in this case, it proved very effective, when Luffy was stimulated. enjoys his ambition and realizes the value of being prepared for the difficulties to come.

What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

IV. What episode does ace come back to life?

According to the consensus of the community, Portgas D. Ace, an important character in One Piece, will not be revived in the story. Eiichiro Oda, the author of the series, has stated that there is no intention to revive Ace in the near future. However, the possibility of exceptions, as discussed below, cannot be excluded.

Ace, son of former Pirate King Gol D. Roger and sworn brother of Luffy, is a fan-favorite character. However, according to the story’s trajectory, Ace’s main role ended before the time entered the 517th part of One Piece, becoming the driving force behind Luffy’s development. Ace’s return to the story can create dramatic upheavals, and while those changes aren’t necessarily negative, they aren’t necessary to the story. In addition, Oda has expressed his displeasure with resurrecting deceased characters, dating back to his childhood when he read stories where characters die and come back to life just as a trick created by the characters. author used.

“Reviving a dead person is a pretty bizarre act, isn’t it? If a cartoonist decided to bring back a dead character, he shouldn’t have let the character come back to life in the first place. die.”

What ep does Ace die in One Piece?

V. What episode does whitebeard die?

In episode 485 of One Piece, titled “Balance of Power – Whitebeard vs. Blackbeard Pirates,” we witness Whitebeard’s death. This is one of the most impressive episodes of the One Piece series, despite the fact that some members of the Whitebeard crew were taken advantage of.

Whitebeard, along with his crew, came to save Ace, a member of the crew, when he was sentenced to death. Although Ace accepted his fate, Whitebeard could not accept the loss of one of his sons. Despite knowing that his health was declining, he did not hesitate to risk his life to save his son.

All these events took place in the middle of the ocean, and Whitebeard was ready to take on any possible risks. Blackbeard and his crew also learned of Ace’s execution and they went to Marineford.

VI. What arc does Ace die?

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