Watch Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit

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Watch Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit
Watch Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit

I. What is Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral?

On May 4th, 2023, a video called “Alpha_glasses” featuring Tomas Holder and a young brunette in a bedroom went viral. The video is mainly being searched in Argentina and Uruguay due to Tomas’ origin from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Tomas was also a participant in Gran Hermano Season 10 from day one but was eliminated on the seventh day.

The video of Tomas has been uploaded to an adult website in Argentina which is mobile-friendly and accessible through PC browsers with a www domain and HTTP protocol. The video is approximately 4 MB in size and 220 pixels in resolution, and unfortunately not available in HD. The video shows Tomas engaging in physical acts with a young brown-haired girl on a bed.

In the Alpha Glasses Tweet video, Tomas is seeing recording himself using a mobile self-portrait camera while moving it around and adjusting it to capture the action.

What is Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral?
What is Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral?

II. About Alpha_glasses on Twitter Tomas Holder

Tomas launched his TikTok account in 2021, where he shares videos about bodybuilding. He collaborates with Noel Deyzel, a 38-year-old TikTok star and bodybuilder, to post clips of physical exercises.

Although Tomas’ year of birth is unknown, his date of birth is January 1st. He rose to fame on TikTok for posting a video of himself dancing to the song “La Bachata” by Manuel Turizo. Additionally, he shares videos of himself dancing to the rhythms of World Music Singer Ricardo Arjona, Rihanna, Bad Bunny’s “A Tu Merced,” and R&B Singer Rauw Alejandro’s “Todo de Ti.

III. Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit

Tomas wasted no time in sharing the video and posted it on various websites. The installation link directs users to Valery’s Telegram group where they can join, view group chats, and uploads.

Tomas has achieved a lot of attention due to his well-built body and his TikTok stardom, with over 500K followers. Many of his fans appreciate the mature video, and Tomas even posted it to encourage his subscribers, tagging it with “I’m proud of you.”

However, several viewers were horrified by the video and began sharing memes. Cartoon characters were depicted tearing out their eyes or washing them, while Mickey Mouse was shown hurting his eyes, and a human skull with an open mouth was also used in memes.

Several meme videos have also circulated online showing his fans sitting on a chair with steroid supplements or lying down.

Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit
Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit

IV. Watch Alpha_Glasses twitter video Viral on twitter and Reddit

V. Tomas’ reaction to the Twitter Alpha_glasses viral videos

After the viral video, Tomas’ TikTok posts gained an impressive 309.8 million total views! Despite the attention, Tomas appeared to be in good spirits and was open to answering questions from his fans and the media. Some of his fans asked him spicy questions about his preferences in physical relationships, which Tomas seemed to address in his latest viral video.

However, this viral video is not available on any social media platform and can only be found on a few adult websites. The term “Alpha_glasses,” used in his video, is often confused with @Alpha_glasses on Twitter and Alpha Glasses Binoculars. Tomas, a Capricorn in the Zodiac and born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the Rabbit, hopes that the video will help him gain even more popularity.

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